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How do I make an appointment?

Please call our office at 218-729-6480 or use our Contact page to send an email to our staff who will walk you through the process or answer any questions you may have.



What can I expect?


Your initial session is called a Diagnostic Intake. This session is used to gather your history and for the therapist to get a full understanding of what is currently going on in your life.


When starting therapy, sessions are traditionally on a weekly basis and taper off as goals are reached, usually to every other week and then to once a month. Some clients choose to have check in session a few times a year or come back as needed when events such as a loss or significant life change occurs. Although this is a typical therapy timeline, the scheduling can be increased or decreased depending upon the level of stress and conflict in the your life.


Therapy sessions are usually 50-55 minutes in length.


You can expect to have homework such as activities, readings, or journaling. This helps incorporate the work you do in sessions into your everyday life.


Do I need insurance?


No. Private Pay clients are welcome.


Please call our office at 218-729-6480 or use our Contact page to send an email to our staff who will answer any questions you may have.


Do I need a referral?


No. No referral is necessary. If you are referred please be sure to let us know how you heard of us.


How long will I be in therapy once I start?

Therapy is provided on a need basis not a standard schedule. We provide both short-term and long-term therapy to meet individual client’s needs. Goals are set by you and the therapist. As these goals are met, frequency and duration of therapy is reevaluated.


How will I know if my insurance covers these services?

We know the importance of coverage to you.  Therefore, we take great care in providing a service to you where we can obtain all your coverage benefits information prior to your first appointment. We provide accurate information in a time-sensitive manner.  This eliminates any stresses or worries that are unnecessary to you, as our client.  We invite you to call our staff at 218-729-6480 and speak with them regarding your insurance benefits. You may also use our Contact page to send a message.


What are your Privacy Practices?

Please click here to view our Privacy Practices.

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